Suicide & Addiction


Addiction has always been associated with suicide, but not all suicides are caused by addiction, the point being is that in situations like this there is a major sense darkness and despair for the addict, low self esteem, the feeling that the family and the world would be better off without me, complete and utter hopelessness.

The darkness descends on you, there is great emotional pain, pain that you caused and was caused to you, guilt for the life that you have led and you can see no way forward, the thoughts of your loved ones is pressing on your mind but the pain is greater, much more powerful than what you are leaving behind, but the darkness can and sometimes wins through and you take the plunge into the unknown.

I know this to be true for I made this journey, thankfully I was not taken that time or the other two occasions before, but there is one major lesson I learned out of this very disturbing part of my own life was that, (If the thought of suicide ever comes into your mind postpone it for a year or two, for you may well KILL the wrong person) for the person writing this document is not the person who tried to take his own life all those years ago Reach out for help for you need never be alone.