Physical & Mental Torture

Physical and Mental Torture

Family and friends are mentally tortured and abused by the actions of the addict; the addict does not see that he or she is inflicting pain, because they are not physically hurting the family, they are to engrossed in getting their next fix.

The addict that knowingly does physically hurt their families will carry that shame and guilt with them always until they too, find peace in recovery or death, if you are one of these individuals reading this you can STOP now and put a smile back on the face of your loved ones, and in return you will reap a reward that was always yours but addiction denied you this, the love and respect of your family can be earned through recovery, sometimes it can be tough going but take it from an old horse, the gift that you will receive cannot be measured by material wealth, look in the mirror and be content with who is looking back at you.