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Jen’s Story

Jen’s Story

My Aunt was diagnosed with chronic liver failure which kept her in a coma and fighting for her life, the doctors told us it was minute by minute for her That is how unwell she was. After weeks in hospital and her family being sent for twice she was that close to death, she came round and was eventually released from hospital.

Our family thought our nightmare was over but the fact was hers was just beginning. After over 30 years of drinking, her life was completely changed. She became very depressed and was still extremely weak.

She was suicidal. I will never forget that Friday evening when I rang her to see how she was and she told me she couldn’t take it any more and wanted to end it all. I panicked, I couldn’t breath, I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered a friend telling me about Bill W Club (A Vision Beyond Addiction) which she attends for all addictions.

She gave me a telephone number of the gentleman who runs the club, I rang him straight away and he immediately answered the phone to me. I was sobbing, trying to explain my aunt’s case.

He was so nice, calm and reassuring and told me he would meet me at my Aunts house in forty five minutes. This was at 7.30 p.m. on a Friday evening. Who else would you be able to ring at this time, especially at the weekend and get a response like this.

At 8.15 p.m. he arrived at the house with a female member of his group. On seeing my Aunt he recognised her from the days he was a taxi driver in town. My Aunt was in a bed that was made up for her in the living room and he approached her and had a quite conversation with her.

After a few minutes there was a small smile from her. She opened her eyes and she recognised him and he sat and talked with my aunt for about an hour. He told us she would be fine and that he would be back out the following morning at 12.00 to bring her to her first A A meeting. We did not know what to think. Here she was lying on the bed so sick and he was saying he would pick her up the following morning.

I couldn’t believe it how he went out of his way on a Friday evening for our family. True to his word, he arrived out with the same female member of the club at 12.00 and brought my aunt to her first meeting.

That was fifteen months ago. She attends her meetings at least four times a week and she is attending hospital in Dublin as a direct result of excess Alcohol.

Because of this intervention and its miraculous outcome, she has seen her two grandchildren born, she’s involved again with the family and is still the life and soul of the party, only this time round she is sober.

Families in situations like ours need the help of organisations like The Bill W Club and I truly believe that on that Friday night, not only did they save my Aunts life, they saved a whole family.

We as a family will be forever grateful for the work and service carried out by the Bill W Club. I personally will never forget the kindness shown to myself, my Aunt and family from the staff of the Club.

I think it is amazing that this club is open 365 days and nights a year, the service is free, they deal with the families as well as the addicts and if they can’t help you they will find some one who can.

Our families lives changed for the better one hour after meeting this group. They helped my Aunt do for herself what the medical profession could not get her to do. They proved to us that this is an illness of the mind and body that only the individual themselves can resolve if they have the proper guidance and mentoring.

Many thanks and much gratitude from a family united through recovery.

One Day At a Time.

A Mothers Story

A Mothers Story

I am a mother of four children, all grown up under the influence of violence through alcoholism in the family home. The children witnessed their father beating me up on many occasions while under the influence of alcohol, or his craving for alcohol. He also suffered from extreme jealousy which took the form of other types of violence.

After suffering many years of this I was of the opinion if I can’t beat him, I would be as well joining him. This led me into another type of nightmare that was to have much more damaging affects on me.

To cut a long story short I ended up suffering from alcoholism myself, which took me down a road of loneliness and deep depression. I could not face life on life’s terms. I could not face family, friends and neighbours and ended up in complete isolation in my own home. Alcoholism was chasing them all away.

An extended family member recognised my unbearable situation and through his experience with addiction and his own recovery, he asked me if I would consider talking to the Bill W Club Addiction Service. They are a group in Sligo which specialises in RECOVERY from all addictions. They offer Peer Support and Life Coaching service.

This service is free and in strict confidence. I agreed and we made arrangements for a member of staff to call to my home at around 5.30pm that evening. A member of staff called and sat down and had a cuppa tea while he listened to my story. After hearing what I had to say, he painted a picture in my mind of what I had gone through, and what was going to happen if I continued, and where I was going to end up.

He also took the time to paint a picture of the thoughts in my mind, and did his analogy of the alcoholic thinking He also shared some of his own experiences, which in turn took us to the point where I was asked to make a decision. Did I want to continue on the destructive path I was on, or try a new approach to life. One which could give me all that I ever wanted in terms of freedom from booze and the alcoholic life style.

It was not a hard choice given the picture that was painted for me. I chose freedom and was invited to become a member of Bill W Club. That was fourteen months ago. I now attend AA and other personal development groups in the Bill W Club. My life has changed for the better. I would go as far as to say they saved my life. I can only say, in my opinion, a miracle happened.

I now look forward to meeting my grandchildren and being a example to them, and hopefully through my own experiences, be able to guide them in the right direction in life. This I never dreamed would happen.

I have since been taught by the club how to become an interventionist myself, and I am proud to say that I have been in attendance on two occasions and assisted two other females back to reality. To watch and be part of such an occasion is overwhelming and God given.