About Wounded Souls

Not all Have to be Mortally Wounded

Wounded Souls is a vehicle for all those afflicted by addiction, suicide & depression, to vent their anger in a positive way against the lives they lived, to share a part of their lives in a manner that will allow others to identify with them, and hopefully encourage those reading their stories to, if need be change their own life.

In addiction we all think we are alone, no one else has done what I have done, they don’t understand, if they did know they would never forgive me, I am a bad person not worth saving” even if I could be saved no one wants me.

This is a common thought process of the addict that has gone through HELL in their lifestyle of “choice”, the word choice is in inverted commas for a good reason, because when the addict has got to this stage they have lost the Blessing of choice.

The ability to choose what way you are going to live today has been removed from them. This is the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of addiction. It creeps up on you and you can’t see the big picture of destruction you leave behind you. It turns you into someone you never ever dreamt you could be.

Addiction its self is a very complicated illness, it thrives on Chaos, the early members of the twelve step programs had this to say about alcoholism, that the alcoholic was in full flight from reality, if that is the case then the alcoholic is not all there, and requires some serious help.

This is apparently the view of today’s scientific community, who say that addiction is a chemical imbalance of the brain; this in turn manifests its self through Denial and Deceit, these are the tools of destruction, this is the weapon used by addicts to overcome the truth of their wrong doings.

This is so powerful that it can take the addict to the Jail, psychiatric hospitals, loneliness, loss of jobs, Marriage, Children, Home, Finance, Friends, Driving Licence, Personal Hygiene, Credibility, Respectability, and much more until it strips you bare and sends you to the grave.

If that was all that it does, you could argue that it was their decision, they made the choice, but like I said before they had lost that gift of choice.